Las Vegas for College Spring Break

Your only in college once in your life?  For most that should only last 4-5 years.  That means you only have a couple years to take advantage of the crazy spring break trips you hear about from friends and see about in the movies.  Your younger years likely will be spent in exotic destinations as Cancun, Acapulco, and the Bahamas partly because of their drinking ages.  Once you hit 21 do you really want to be hanging out on sprig break with a bunch of younger kids?  Time to step your game up an play around in an adult playground. I can only think of one place that is perfect for this……VEGAS!  

Vegas has everything and more for you to enjoy a very memorable college sprig break.  Las Vegas has a variety of affordable hotels, cheap flights, tons of nightclubs, pool parties, restaurants and shows to add a variety to your vacation.  7 days in Vegas gives you almost enough time to check out most of the top hotels in Las Vegas, 2 hand fulls of the top nightclubs in the world and in between all of this visit some of your favorite celebrity chefs restaurants.

You might think to yourself with the abundance of options how can i manage to get all of this done without ever visiting Las Vegas? There are many companies out in Las Vegas like Vegas Hotel Escapes and that can build your vacation or provide a variety of options so you can build your trip around those options.  If your interested in bottle service you will need to be setting that up through a VIP host, for entry a promoter and there are also other options like club crawls.  When building your trip i recommend building it through a Las Vegas tour provider in comparison to and Expedia due to the local Knowledge.

What would you do on your spring break in Las Vegas?




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